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Acquiring Spanish nationality

How do you acquire Spanish nationality? Nationality is the legal bond that unites a person with the State. Because of this relationship, the individual enjoys rights that he or she can demand from the state organization to which he or she belongs and this organization, in return, can impose on him or her the fulfillment of a series of obligations and duties...
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Detention of Judges and Prosecutors in Turkey

Statement by Judges for Democracy on the Arrest of Judges and Prosecutors in Turkey Judges for Democracy and the Progressive Union of Prosecutors strongly condemn the brutal attack on the independence of the judiciary in Turkey that has taken place only a few hours after the attempted coup d'état in this ...
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Family Reunification

Temporary residence permit for family regrouping - This is a temporary residence permit that may be granted to the family members of foreign nationals resident in Spain, by virtue of the right to family regrouping. REQUIREMENTS - Not to be a citizen of a State of the European Union. - Not to be in Spanish territory illegally. - To lack...
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Requirements for Social Integration

Authorization for temporary residence in exceptional circumstances - social roots. This is a temporary residence permit for exceptional circumstances that may be granted to foreign citizens who are in Spain and either have family ties in Spain or are socially integrated. It is required to have remained in Spain for at least three years, to have a...
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