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Interim Prison

Article 17.1 of the Spanish Constitution provides that no one may be deprived of his or her liberty except in the "manner prescribed by law". The law tells us, more specifically article 503 of the Criminal Procedure Act, that provisional detention may only be ordered when the following REQUIREMENTS are met: 1.
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Driving a vehicle without a license or permit

The offence of driving a vehicle without a licence or permit The offence of driving without a licence is regulated by the Criminal Code, in article 384, and makes the following conduct a criminal offence: Driving a motor vehicle in cases of loss of validity due to total loss of points; Driving after...
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The mitigation of undue delay

The extenuating circumstance of extraordinary and undue delay - It is the doctrine of the Supreme Court that two aspects must be taken into consideration when interpreting the extenuating circumstance introduced by Organic Law 5/2010 of 22 June, in article 21.6 of the Penal Code, which states that it is an extenuating circumstance: The ...
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The offence of non-payment of maintenance

The offence of non-payment of maintenance - This offence under article 227 of the Criminal Code constitutes a segregation of the general type of family abandonment, incorporating into the Code a specific modality of the basic type, with which the legislator seeks to protect the economically weaker members of the body
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