International and Foreign Law

- Marriage with Spaniards
- Separations and Divorces in Spain of Married Foreigners abroad
- Registration
- Visa
- Job
offer - Work
permit - Setting up a company
- Claiming unpaid wages from an employer
- Rights of an illegal immigrant in Spain even if he is illegal
- Residence
permit - Residence and work
permit - Residence and self-employed work permit a company
- Permanent
residence authorisation - Renewal of permits
- Renewal of permits for residence and work
- Renewal of permits for temporary
residence - Renewal of permits for family
regularisation - Family reunification of spouse
- Family reunification of minor descendant
- Family reunification of relatives in the ascending line over 65 years of age
- Expulsion
procedure - Acquisition of Spanish
nationality - Asylum and refuge
- Residence permit for foreign
students - Provision of services in English
- Provision of services in Portuguese
- Provision of services in Romanian
- Provision of services in Hungarian