Inheritance and Succession

The right to Inheritance Lawa person's succession is transmitted from the moment of his death.

Succession is defended by the will of man as expressed in a will, and in the absence of a will, by provision of law.

Inheritance includes all assets, rights, debts and obligations of a person, which are not extinguished by his death.

In our office we provide a comprehensive service in all matters relating to inheritance law, for example:

- Steps to follow when a person
dies - Extrajudicial negotiations between heirs
- Acceptance of the inheritance

- Waiver of the inheritance - Declarations of heirs
- Division and division of the inheritance
- The legitimate
- Contestation of the inheritance - Review and modification of the will
- Legitimate
claims - Elaboration of wills
- Succession of family
businesses - Sale of inheritance
rights - Donations
- Bequests
- Intestate
successions - Attendance at Notary
's office - Legal
proceedings - Tax and capital gains settlement
- Presentation and withdrawal of documentation in property registers, banks, etc.
- Exchange management of cadastral holders

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