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    Marina de Bem

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    Customers who fill in and send their data through any form on the website, expressly authorize the use and processing of the information sent in accordance with the purpose for which they were sent: request for information, contracting services, or any other. The client will also be responsible for the veracity of the data provided. The data collected through general information contact form (contact section) or any other will be treated with absolute confidentiality by the Lawyer Ms. Marina de Bem Silva. These data will be used solely and exclusively to respond adequately to questions and demands that are made through it. These data will not be automatically incorporated into any file. However, the data provided in the form of the various forms may, where appropriate and exceptionally, be incorporated into an automated file created by the Lawyer Ms. Marina de Bem Silva, in order to provide better service to the business relationship established with the customer. The lawyer Ms. Marina de Bem Silva is the owner of the database generated with personal data provided by customers.