About Me

Marina de Bem

Lawyer by profession and convinced of being able to help my clients.

More than 11 years of experience

Graduated in Law from the University of Madrid, year 2012.

Specialization courses

More than 100 courses, Conferences and Conferences to continue training continuously.

We provide Trust, Quality and Closeness.

Lawyer Marina de Bem

Marina de Bem, Lawyer and Accountant-Partner, graduated in Law from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid in 2012, practicing independently and in her own office located in Avda. de Asturias, 39 – 1º E in Madrid.

In 2017, I received the 1st Prize of the 23rd Promotion of the Superior Course of Family Law, by unanimous agreement of the Faculty of the School of Legal Practice of the Complutense University of Madrid.

My goal is to know the law in depth. Only in this way, I will be able to offer my client an excellent, quality service, as well as obtain his complete satisfaction.

My philosophy is to attend and advise my client in a direct and personalized way, always from the most absolute transparency, through the exhaustive study of each one of the cases.

My commitment to each client is to have a relationship of trust, always complying with the professional code of ethics.

You can ask me a question here.

Marina De Bem

I am committed to helping our clients succeed.

History and experience

I have taken and participated in various specialization courses:

  • Máster en Práctica Procesal Civil (CEIJ)
  • Curso Superior de Asesoría de Empresas (EPJ)
  • Curso Superior de Especialista en Derecho Penal (CEIJ)
  • Curso Superior de Derecho de Familia (EPJ)
  • Curso de Experto en Práctica Laboral (CEFAMA)
  • Curso de Especialización en Derecho de Sucesiones (EPJ)
  • Curso de Especialización en Violencia de Género (ICAAH)
  • Curso de Práctica Forense en Materia de Derecho de Menores (ICAM)
  • Curso de Derecho Penitenciario (CEIJ)
  • Curso sobre Derecho Hipotecario (ICAM)
  • Curso sobre Protección a Víctimas de Delitos y de Odio (ICAM)
  • Curso sobre Derecho Mercantil y Cuestiones Procesales (ICAM)

Y más de 100 cursos, Conferencias y Jornadas para seguir formándome de manera continuada.

Collegiate number